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Power Swap!


Girls edition people requested it so here it is~ I’ve always thought that if Jason has Charmspeak he would be waaaay more manipulative than Piper. I know smart Percy would be.

Power swapping with their boyfriends.

~ Demigod girlies power swapping with their boyfriends ~ flying Piper is unstoppableee sorry for my inactivity.schooling is eating me up ; … This might still be a wip, might do the guys version…. if I have tiiime D: also! I accidentally used a.

The boys drop a cake

The boys drop a cake

Lol I looovvvveeeee Percy Jackson!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. And we'll never be Romans.<<<all that I could think was that annabeths eyes are grey, not brown.

Harry and Percy and Hogwarts

There needs to be more Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter crossovers in the world.>>> this would be an awesome book/movie, a funny one at that>>rick riordan and jkr meeting would probably cause an apocalypse of wonderful.

Bitch this is a disgrace. I freakin love Piper. Why don't we sacrifice Smelly Gabe's dead body

Fangirls of Percy, Leo, and Nico: Is This True For Everyone?<<<< Could we please sacrifice Octavian instead?