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Sona_Sargsyan_Concept_Art_Illustration_tree_render.jpg (1600×1600)

Sona_Sargsyan_Concept_Art_Illustration_tree_render.jpg (1600×1600)

[转载]《疯狂原始人》—The <wbr>Croods概念设计

hillock and tree sketches w/ one color piece Trabalhos de Nicolas Weis para The Croods

How Will Races Affect Gameplay? (speculation) - Tyrian Assembly - Guild Wars 2 Guru

Spit shooter plant concept- This idea is based around having plants that grow pods behind the flower, which are using to shoot a corrosive chemical on attackers that plan on eating the plant.

Plants Concept

Fan plant concept- Due to the large amount of plant life in the time period…