Country girl

A birthday gift that I would love. If only I could play this lovely instrument.

Lila)) I walk into the music room and I feel relief as I spot the cello. The Selection may be miserable, but at least they had the one thing that I'll probably love here. I sit down and I position the instrument between my legs. I tune the cello and I begin to play. ((The cello rift from "Say No to This" )) I hear the door open and I look up with a glare in my eyes.

Lovely - there's something about musical instruments sitting out with sheet music like this, as though someone was just playing it (only in homes where they're actually played, though, otherwise it's pretentious).



The Lumineers

The Lumineers- Ho Hey. love the song. Every now and again a song comes along and you just gotta listen to it until you don't have the desire to listen to it every time it comes on a radio station.