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emma watson & tom felton a.a Dramione. I wondered about this one too, but decided that his family would have problems, even if Draco, started making up his own mind about things.

Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson - HP cast

Why ya gotta be so rude?

Image result for draco malfoy imagines

Image result for draco malfoy imagines

In memoriam Alan Rickman, der im Alter von 69 Jahren <a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/matthewchampion/actor-alan-rickman-dies-at-age-69#.gn0kbqGWl">am Donnerstag verstorben</a> ist.

Die 23 emotionalsten Snape-Momente in "Harry Potter"

The 23 Most Iconic Professor Snape Moments In "Harry Potter"

Draco Malfoy- the boy who had no choice

I felt sorry for Malfoy. I mean the guy was brought up to hate and be on the dark side but he knew that it wasn't right. His mom was the same. I hope his heart finally found peace with the struggle

Ron Weasley. Look at how Harry is looking at Ginny :)

Viktor I love you, Viktor I do, when we're apart, my heart beats only for yoooouuu! And that wasn't in the book…

How you introduce yourself does matter...

It's all in the details. I love the fandom for picking up stuff like this, and I love the writers who managed to potray their personalities through this one simple line: introductions. OMG I LOVE HP