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Édouard Boubat Le vieil home et la mer [The Old Man and the Sea], 1982

Édouard Boubat - Le vieil homme et la mer [The Old Man and the Sea], 1982

Boat Porn  ·  JOSHUA SLOCUM: first to sail around the world solo, 1898 Look in comments below for link to the famous book he wrote about this amazing achievement, SAILING ALONE AROUND THE WORLD.

SLOCUM, JOSHUA Joshua Slocum, the first singlehanded circumnavigator and author of the classic Sailing Alone around the World was born in Nova Scotia.


ROCKLAND — Watch the waters Friday, Aug. around 3 p. as the stately Coast Guard training vessel Eagle sails into Rockland Harbor with 200 cadets, crew and officers onboard. The largest tall ship sailing under the U.

Sailing steadily in a World of your own. So far offshore that there is no dust in the air, the last trace of land. Now, just the invigorating smell of the Sea. MMc

Boom rigging of ketch "Anna-Sofia", built 1913 in Skagen, Denmark. Thanks Vanessa

Wally 144ft

Anything called a "mega yacht" couldn't possibly be bad. And the Wally Esense Mega Yacht most definitely isn't.

Cape Cod Collegiate

Hoist her high! It's THE day for red, white, and blue. <> As the US Flag Code states: “The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. 8 – Respect For Flag] (July Independence Day, USA)