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Harry messing with Voldemort xD

I LOVE THIS. Harry as an auror was one of the most head-scratching choices about the highly problematic ending.

I gotta side with the head canon on this one, if only for the fighting the same war thing

Les mis concludes with a magical battle and Valjean was in the Azkaban instead of the galleys, meanwhile Eponine repeatedly fails at making Amortentia x

I am SOOO in, especially considering the fact that Ravenclaws are more interested in the arts.

I love this fandom

Tbh I know exactly in which chapter that quote is without checking first, no need to search for it!

*in my best Snape voice* Obviously...

Not just Harry Potter

THIS IS TOO GOOD. Marauders time. Prongs, padfoot, moony and lily evans

Operation Fawn, my friends. The Marauders are my faves. (I'm totally Moony)

haha but the funniest ever: "you don't have to call me sir professor" sassy potterrrr

Lol I don't remember that part because I read the books ages ago, but I don't doubt they said that last thing

I saw this and just thought 'what a Ron thing to do.' Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis

The thing that really worked about Harry, Hermione, and Ron was that they were all the uncomfortable third friend

Eve: begins singing double vision and belting out the notes perfectly.

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Having worked in retail for three years, I can attest to the accuracy of this.

Oh my gosh. This is the best!!!

Unfortunately this isn't exactly true, JKR said that dumbledore hired Lockhart so that he could teach the kids what not to do rather than what to do, but the post is funny nevertheless

lol thought it was going to be all sweet and sentimental about his family and then it got awesome. Harry Potter funnies

I thought it was gonna be sad fir a second hhahahaha

I should be ashamed at how long it took me to understand what this was actually trying to say...

[I was so confused. Was it a joke headline? But it doesn't make sense, Doctor Who aided bin Laden raid in jail? The Doctor helped the raid from jail? THE doctor WHO aided the raid is in jail.

this version of harry is sorted into slytherin

It took 7 years to find his weakness? Dude would have been done in on day one if the Winchesters had been there.<<<sharing for comment

Late night Quidditch games hedcanon

Late night Quidditch games hedcanon