Dan and Phil ~ They are beautiful people

Dan and Phil.<< nah, phil and a floating head<< phil and a floating fan<< omg


Dil is a fiction sims character. I should not be feeling this extreme hurt and sympathy for a sims character.

pinterest-- @gxbbsofficixl

😂>>>I like them>>>oh wait it's Phan tag not regular

You hear that. Yeah. Thats the sound of my heart melting

Ohhh my god i cant fuckin breathe

OKAY SO I REWATCHED THIS VID AND ITS TRUE OH MY LITTLE MARSHMALLOW and they said they didn't plan for "sudden death"

that is so fucking goals plz someone end this pain xD

I dont need love, Ed Sheeran. I need air. MY MY, MY MY, OH, GIMME AAIIR!!!! http://ibeebz.com (Halloween Bake Dan And Phil)

Halloween Bake: Dan And Phil

Phil Lester<3

Why do we make fun of Dan? I mean sure, heart eyes Howell is the best, but look at Phil. Live eyes Lester should have the same amount of popularity.

Imagine the photoshoots guys

Dan and Phil 2015 calender months

Lol Dan and Phil playing undertale

Lol Dan and Phil playing undertale, silly little Phil, smol bean

That look is just amazing:

you expect it to be all cute heart eyes dan ppic BUT NO it is just a derpy dan

That part was so funny so I made this. We are all Dan here tbh.

Trash Dan<<<Just Dan, being Phil trash

I would do the same thing if my dad tried taking down any of my fandom shrine<<<IF I HAD A DAD

This is amazing, Danisnotonfire & Doctor Who all in one <---FANDOMS.

teedeeland on tumblr : A Dream Video - Dan and Phil reacting to first PINOF

- Dan and Phil reacting to first PINOF

Woh woh woh. No.

What a thick channel it was

Best friends: Its a promise, not a label, Dan, Phil, text, timeline; Dan and Phil

"Me and my Best friend :]" by daniel-howel-anon ❤ aww look at those cuties

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My marshmallows are becoming smores I don't know if I'm ready for this D:<<<<?>>>> Mama is gonna cry