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입 닥쳐! - How to say 'shut up!' in Korean.

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How do you say 'Life is an adventure.' in your language? #Korean: 인생은 모험이다. (Insaeng-eun moheomida.) #Japanese: 人生は冒険だ。(Jinsei wa bōkenda.)

- Korean, Japanese, English — Life is an adventure. - Life Quote in Korean and Japanese :)

master's sun =)

Words that stuck in your head after you've finished watching a drama

How to say ‘I’m studying Korean.’ in Korean: Master3Languages - Korean, Japanese, English

How to say ‘I’m studying Korean.’ in Korean: - Korean, Japanese, English

❋ Learn Korean - wait for a moment please (mykoreanstore.com)

wait for a moment please

If this doesn't encourage you then remember: FIGHTING! (I watch too many dramas)

South Korea is a goal for me. I want to teach (and see every single one of my favorite hallyu wave idols in person,but that's irrelevant.



Korean learning  파르자네 ❤️

I will do my best.

“너 좀 이상해”  “You’re kinda weird”

You’re kinda weird--> Você é meio estranho

"I missed you." in Korean and Japanese

"I missed you." in Korean and Japanese

❋ Learn Korean - I'll hold it for you (mykoreanstore.com)

Korean: "I'll hold it for you"

happy nu year dear all!

Korean make a wish

I won't give up,I will never keep looking,there will be one day when I will find my path,for sure,and I believe in me.

either under or over the phrase

Supermarket - Meat - Fish - VegetableKorean• Hangul: 슈퍼 - 고기 - 생선 - 야채 • Romanization: Syupeo - Gogi - Saengseon - Yachae • Today’s Vocab Lesson: Top 10 Healthy Foods in Korean Japanese• Kana: スーパー -...

Korean & Japanese Words You Need for Supermarket Shpping