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Fangio on Maserati - Grand Pix de Pau, France 1949. Photo by Jean Dieuzaide

Maserati driven to victory by Juan Manuel Fangio at the Grand Pix de Pau, France 1949 (photo by Jean Dieuzaide)

1955 GP Niemiec (Sergio Mantovani) Maserati 250F

1955 GP Niemiec (Sergio Mantovani) Maserati 250F

#7 Sergio Mantovani (I) - Maserati 250F (Maserati 6) 5 (15) Officine Alfieri Maserati

Sergio Mantovani (I) - Maserati (Maserati 5 Officine Alfieri Maserati

RSC Photo Gallery - Sebring 12 Hours 1957 - Maserati 450S no.19 - Racing Sports Cars

Jean Behra / Juan-Manuel Fangio - Maserati - Maserati Factory - Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance for The Amoco Trophy - Sebring 12 Hours - 1957 F. World Sports Car Championship, round 2

Stirling Moss (Mercedes W196) Grand Prix de Monaco 1955

Monaco GP, 1955 🇮🇩 Stirling Moss in his Mercedes-Benz New not fully ready yet, DNF.

1956 Maserati 250F (Stirling Moss)

1956 Maserati 250F (Stirling Moss)