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Why is he so beautiful. I think I'm in love

i'm clara (she/her) and i post daily about dan howell.

You guys are nice together, you're both a laugh to have around even though no one can understand your inside jokes! For your first date you'll go to the cinema to watch a random comedy film you both are interested in and you'll end up throwing popcorn at everyone because the film got boring!You are a little over protective and behind the scenes you argue a bit, Honestly. You'd live in LA and have A MASSIVE house with a pool,  You're both so sweet together, HONESTLY.

Ahhh I wish one day he would stop dying (lol no) and we could see the ginger hair. remember that time Dan said that he just loves ginger people.

For anyone who dares to say Phil is ugly, look at this

Honestly makes me upset when people say Phil is not that handsome. He is beautiful inside and out😩❤️👌

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Is getting hit in here?

phil lester everyone

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