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Janus Tarot Spread - A Daily Draw Idea

This is a good quick daily draw spread that works very well for regular daily journalling in the early morning or last thing at night.

Try try try you may get a divine message from the Universe or and the Angels/Spiritual guide ✨

Super Powers Tarot Spread

Creative State Tarot Card Spread Oracle Cards Divination Layout

Creative State Tarot Spread

Take Action Relationship Tarot Spread

Star Wars Tarot Spread: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Tarot Spread: The Force Awakens - State of Wild Grace

Birthday Tarot Spread for another year around the sun happy birthday

Congratulations, you have completed another journey around the sun! Use this spread to discover more about yourself and your next revolution around the sun.

30 Questions You Must Ask The Tarot

30 Questions You Must Ask The Tarot

How to get back on track - Tarot Spread. Very simple yet helpful.

The “Back on Track” Spread. Are you feeling stuck, like you’ve lost sight of what you want, or maybe just a little under the weather? This spread is here to help you understand your situation and help.

Powerful 3-Card Tarot Spreads Tarot Tips http://arcanemysteries.tumblr.com/

I do a 3 card spread every week, and flip cards to get Divinity's answer to questions as the need arises. God answers through whatever channel you open.

(@emerald_tarot) on Instagram: “New tarot spread. #tarotreader #tarotspread #tarotreading”

(@emerald_tarot) on Instagram: “New tarot spread. #tarotreader #tarotspread #tarotreading”

Tarot Spread: Monthly Renewal

Grimoire – Page 10

Take Action Tarot Spread

If you’re feeling compelled to make a move but there’s an uncertain vibe in the air, then this can be a useful quick tarot spread to play with