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back on track

I don't really believe in 'thinspiration' pictures, most are quite disturbing, but im on a mission to get fit, slim and toned and this girl looks great

August 15, 2012: Photo by Allyson Felix - USA Track and Field Gold Medalist (@af85)

August Photo by Allyson Felix - USA Track and Field Gold Medalist ( Angelini Angelini Felix)

your excuse is invalid.

You excuse is invalid. Boy ain't that the truth. I'd love to meet this little guy.

If we add enjoy friend's company, practice yoga, and be outside....perfection.


It Never Gets Easier...

5 Tips to Make Weight Loss Your New Hobby & Drop Pounds Like a Boss

In my opinion, focus on getting better makes things easier. Focus on finding things easier, things often get worse.

This is true i feel skinny and when my muscles are weak by the end I feel amazing! my body is clay I get to moled

"I feel prettiest when I sweat." Health is beauty; fitness is beauty. I need to sweat more and work harder.

You are more than capable!  Push it to the limits... and then some!

We can all push our selves. your body is capable of more than you think. I need to push my self in boxing.

Good day for running

I had a dr's appt today with a runner. She told me to stop paying attention to the scale and pay attention to how I feel; keep running and my body will change in time. She said I had a nice, slow heartbeat like a runner. BEST EFFING FEELING IN THE WORLD.