At least he doesn't have to worry about rejections. Oh, no, wait. He turns himself down occasionally just to keep it interesting.

HAHAHA i found the jace of disney! Although I doubt Jamie Campbell Bower appreciates being compared tp a green beach ball cyclopse


pretty much my reaction to Sebastian binding Jace to him - Shadowhunters - The Mortal Instruments


The Fault in Our Stars, The Death Cure, The City of Heavenly Fire, Mockingjay, Allegiant. (That boy reminds me of Nico Di Angelo <--- His freaking name is Hiro Hamada from Big Hero

"Clary and Jace - A normal day at the institute

JessicaLewis drew the next funny work . This shouldn't be Jace and Clary, it should be Will and Tessa (Infernal Devices). clarissa 'clary' fray, jace herondale, the mortal instruments.

Lightwoods || The Infernal Devices || Mortal Instruments. I think it is a Lightworm thing. Oops Lightwood. :P

I guess it's a Lightwood thing.I always thiught it was ironic that Will called them 'Lightworms' and then Benedict turned into an actual worm!

that moment when you're absolutely obsessed with divergent and your bffs are too !!1!1!!

This is exactly how my best friend and I met. She was holding CoHF and I just pretty much fangirled in front of her and we started talking and within two days we were calling each other best friends.