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WWE 2K17 Final Roster Revealed: Full List!

Official WWE roster of the prestigious game is to be released later in the year This article will predict the roster of the upcoming game

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RAW is war now for the thousands inentendene and the millions watch at ROCK if u smelllllllll what the rock is coking Ron Simone's :dam Michael cole : vintage Ron Simmons JIM ROSS : this is the attune era ur a inter viewer

The WWE Roster by @PTPfan

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I have (I've) been watching World Wrestling Entertainment (W.) programming since I was a pretty young lad! It STILL never gets old with (w/) the wrestling and (&) the sometimes corny stories the company comes up w/.

I love wrestling too much for my own good.

I love wrestling too much for my own good.all wrestlers and divas together for a picture 📷