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The Road to WWE 2K18 – A Brief History

The Road to WWE 2K18 – A Brief History

The Undertaker, what an awesome wrestler. Plus he's a beast 6'10" tall beast who can carry Mick Foley over his shoulder up a hill in the buried alive match.

As a kid watching watching wrestling the first time, one of the first matches I saw was with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He was just so awesome, even till this day. Streak broken and all, this guy inspired me.

#TheUndertaker by Soulman-Inc.deviantart.com I drew this over 16 years ago... but it's still a popular piece on my Deviant Art page. I can proudly say that Mick Foley owns the original artwork!

This is a picture that I did as part of my University course back in featuring my all-time favourite WWE wrestler, the Undertaker. This was about the time that I heard Chaos Comics were bri.

ArtStation - Roman Reigns done for WWE, Hossein Diba

Here is another sculpt I did for WWE, Roman Reigns. Hope you like it, cheers