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Finns face in the 3rd row!!!

glee cast Chris Colfer is my favorite but I also love Darren and everybody else evenly

My favorite Brittana conversation :') Hilarious

"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?" - Brittney S.

I smell failure... Oh hey Will

the gloriousness of Sue Sylvester I Love Glee.and of course.Sue <<< I still any stand sue

quinn and mercedes

Or you might want to know if people keep their high school friends when they’re in the real world.

Oh my, I didn't even realize that.

Moises. on

he was making that face bc Kurt and Blaine had just walked down the isle

Oh Wemma <3 What he said was adorable! <3

Oh Wemma What he said was adorable!

Samcedes. by TheShyArtist.deviantart.com

Samcedes. by TheShyArtist.deviantart.com