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<> #Homestuck #Moirail<< I wish we had this kind of relationship on earth:

<> I wish we had this kind of relationship on earth<<I wish I had an irl moiral

Oh my gog this is the terribly depressing truth about homestuck shipping<==*sobs* I STILL CRY OVER THE SAD THINGS

Adrift in a sea of despair, we build these ships from fairydust and dreams to pretend we are not drowning. << I also think it's because half of this fandom literately revolves around ships with all the flush and black shit

Some people at my school did this as a skit, and you could tell who all the homestucks were. I about died.

Now that I've read Homestuck, I will never be able to read this book to children again.


My favorite AUs are the ones where the Vantases are twins, because this is EXACTLY what happens.<<this is post is literally my favorite thing