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Fun facts about Misha Collins -- He would. Every single one of them. He. Would. Indeed. *nod* There's a reason he has a terrifying amount of fans.... :D

There are so many weird random facts about misha Collins beyond this post. He is the most random man alive. I love it. Bless this man.

Dean Winchester character development. WHAT. My heart is broken.

(gif set) Coffee and Bathrobes; Dean's Character Development in Season Dean is getting better: ).which in the grand tradition of SPN means he's in for some serious shit come season 9 :(


This is the most amazing thing to ever grace this board, it's not even easter but I don't care.

Is that really his number ?<<< DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK? IMA CALL IT!! Lets see how many fucks i give... ZEEEERRRRROOOOOOO

Misha makes me smile<< He is totally a normal human bean. <<< he is the best human bean

the boyfriend thing cracked me up. I can't... I just... no.... I'm done... I'm done! Good bye!

"Stupid boyfriend still thinks he's straight" - Poor Cas :D

Supernatural - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins

[GIFSET] Gag Reel :D "He went to drama school! Supernatural Funny<<< Come on, guys, don't hate on drama school.

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Misha Collins, lifter of bodies and spirits Pschh he can lift my body or spirit anytime

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural, Occult

#supernatural Jensem

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#supernatural Jensem

Misha Collins & Mark Sheppard [gifset] - "Experienced anything paranormal during the filming of Supernatural?" "Yes, Jared."

Misha Collins & Mark Sheppard - "Experienced anything paranormal during the filming of Supernatural?" "Yes, Jared.

supernatural humor funny tumblr dying laughing!!!!!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too

Devil Worship?

What the Supernatural fandom looks like to other people. Also what happens when I show people the tattoo I want since its the anti-posession tattoo <-- .Tell them it is the Egyptian symbol for peace ;


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They forgot *Dean randomly dies in shower* // screaming like a sissy

lol!! the one time Cas responded normally to something.

''The one time Cas had the normal reaction to something.'' Oh, Cas! :) >> I loved this scene!

I love these two humans

That is my favorite gag reel moment! They are incredibly hilarious and just crazy. Just watch one of the gag reels. It doesn't matter which season, just watch one of them. They will give you life.

Some fun stuff for you :) guys how is this person (the artist) even real!!!

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WHAT DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE DRAWINGS? supernatural <<< I see what you did there<<< I seriously thought these were all pictures instead of drawings.