This is the first really good edit for this I've seen and I'm in love with it

I got Dan! Are You More Like Dan Or Phil From "Dan And Phil Games?" Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil♡♡♡ Love Them Both

I don't know whether to pin this on The Fault in Our Stars or fandoms...<<<do you mean both and PHANdoms!

Awww Dan cried over the fault in our stars. I know the feels Dan, i also cried when i watched the movie

idk if ive already pinned this, oh well

I wonder if I'll ever find anyone to say it's okay when I break into an existential crisis/over thinking mode.

I know their apartment doesn't allow it bUT LET PHIL GET HIS HAMSTER!!! Update: THEYRE MOVING! OPERATION GET PHIL A HAMSTER IS A GO!!!

Danisnotonfire Dan Howell amazingphil Phil Lester~~ *cringes* noo not a hamster everything but a hamster!