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*sigh* that's my life in a nutshell. hip problems truths

Makeup, Fashion, Music and Life = Me: Kpop Friday: Kpop Fans Can Relate

Choose friends who share the same interests and morals as you and be nice! You have to make a good impression because you feel the need to have to fit into a certain circle of friends. (psychosocial) 9

I need more kpop friends T^T I need someone to fangirl with goshdangit!


That just makes me feel so much better!


Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

i know you can relate~

So true! A Kpop fans can relate quote about deciding which merchandise to buy…



KPop Fans Can Relate #995. Oye, except I keep my hair out of the way so I don't have bangs...doesn't stop me from blowing away anyway.

KPop Fans Can Relate Oye, except I keep my hair out of the way so I don't have bangs.doesn't stop me from blowing away anyway.

It's a black hole. It sucks you in until you can never get out.True story, bro.

So true. Their dammed variety skills are deadly. How I fell in love with Infinite in the first place.

kpop fans can relate

kpop fans can relate, I would be lying if I said this wasn't me tbh. I just like doodling in general and now I'm learning a language not many in my school know so I can doodle what ever I want

Just don't

If you do you might as well except that you're going to hell.

Story of my life TT.TT

Oh yes. The struggles

So true, that's why you should be proud of yourself for you are lucky.

I thinks its more like 10000 hot gorgeous Korean hunks :D