10 Reuses for Old Leather Belts at Home

interesting idea: plant box and belts . Hook together several belts to be large enough to go around if using real leather belts (from thrift store) . these "belts" look more like strap webbing and could be DIY made to size.

<div class="left"><span>Poltec altanbild</span></div><div class="right"><a class="external jgls_link" href="http://www.poltec.se" target="_blank" data-jgls_id="34367" data-jgls_type="external" data-jgls_view_type="image"><div><img src="https://tradgardsportalen.se/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/05/poltev-logotype.jpg" /></div><span>Till webbplats</span></a></div>

Good idea - shade small pool or spa area with an umbrella (which appears to be set in the concrete)