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Fili- amazing how much like Thorin he looks here

The person I pinned this from said this: I have Filings <3  Dean O'Gorman. HAHA! Love it. BTW, he has B-E-A-UTIFUL eyes!

Dean O’Gorman in the makeup chair as Fili :)

Fili choosing his brother first!



Fili and Kili >>>> woooaahhhh. That looks so wierd. I was like "who are those guys?" Then I saw Fili and Kili and was like "What? ... Ooohhhh. I see it now."

Fili and Kili >>>> woooaahhhh. That looks so wierd." Then I saw Fili and Kili and was like "What?

fili --- ive never seen this photo and it's very nice

Fili in Lake-Town clothing

gonzonr3: “ #FiliFriday #deanogorman #fili ” Kiwi cutie

(Fili x Hobbit!Reader) from the story Hobbit and Lord of the Rings oneshots, preferences, and imagines by ThorinFiliKili_Bae (Singlest Pringle.

Kili & Company

Fili in Lake-Town clothing

Fili and Kili from The Battle of the Five Armies: Movie Guide Visual Companion

ripping my heart out.

Kili and Fili...

in beorns house

Bilbo and The Ring

A fourth-grade student at a West Texas elementary school has been suspended after allegedly threatening to make a classmate disappear with his ring, mimicking the One Ring from the "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" film trilogies.



Fili behind the scenes -  http://anunexpectedhotdwarf.tumblr.com/post/65365011090/nelyo3-dean-ogorman-fili-behind-the-scenes

Fili behind the scenes

thearkenstone-ck:  Thorin oakenshield

thearkenstone-ck: Thorin oakenshield

Hair porn

Hair porn