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Your first mistake was thinking that i'm on of your sheep

Please, tell me more about how BITCH is an insult you degenerate, retarded, mother-fucking, mutant assholes.

A goddess. No princess here. It is in my blood and soul.

Not someone to be messed with anymore , I have God on my side and strength of Arc Angels behind me, I have overcome every battle handed to me and come out stronger.

Awesome motivation by @fearlessmotivationofficial. You must walk alone to find out who you truly are. Follow them for more motivation! @fearlessmotivationofficial @fearlessmotivationofficial

The hardest walk is the walk you made alone. But that is the walk that make you the strongest. Awesome motivation by

uberHumor.com: Probably the funniest site on the net...

These are simple choices that will improve your quality of life. Do not complicate by overthinking.

Bring it on

I have some scars ((from my feet, legs, knees, arms, shoulders and face)) but I am okay with that 🖤 that which tried to kill/break me didn't work and those are my lovely reminders 🐺🖤