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RULES) please put in your description what pack you are from and if you are an Omega or Beta or Alpha! Respect FCs! Be nice and be active! Anything is allowed! I am an alpha! Please include others (ask to join!), start drama, and have fun!

My Pack of Wolves on

Code of the Wolf. Lulu was born under the Wolf sign. I will instill these virtues when I have the chance.

Fun Facts!

Fun Facts!

What better way to hunt a wolf than to be a wolf, too?<-- why the hell would you want to hunt a wolf?

There are wolves who lead sheep and there are wolves who lead wolves. I'm not a sheep! I'm a wolf who just got trapped.


Wolf quote - A true leader earns respect, no matter how high up they are. A fool expects it, not realizing how low he really is.

Never stand I front of a hungry Wolf I will eat you alive...Q

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Dig into yourselves and you will see what you may not to see.

Pre/During/Post break-up/divorce be good not evil.Which wolf wins? The one you feed most.

Wow, imagine if humans acted like this. What a better place this world would be!

So interesting! A Wolf Pack is a caretaking family - more humane than most humans

Petra U Luca Shared Let the Wolves Run Free Photo

Lovers of Wolves Photo ~ All of these beautiful wolf photos came from Walter Eisenstein. I love them so much! Thank you, Walter, for sharing them with us!