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Rat Fan Club

Chase is my Certified Emotional Support Animal. Hes super sweet and loves to cuddle when sleepy but other wise is very rambunctious and a bit of a troub.

3 of the Best Small Exotic Pets to Own

3 of the Best Small Exotic Pets to Own

Rat Birthday/Homecoming Gift Basket-Our Original Rat Treats, Rat Food Bowl, and Non-Toxic Toy

Students with pet rats perform better in school

Kids With Pets Do Better At School - Especially RAT Owners, Says Study

Kids with pets are cleverer - especially RAT owners, says study

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c0bfad763f94f08657e991552ecdf8f3.jpg (500×430)

Rat babies

Rats are astoundingly sociable and loving pets. They need and enjoy interaction and look forward to time spent with you.

Rat - sweet photo

Pet rat, Tink (Tinkerbelle) ♥ She's the sweetest xo

Thinking of making a rattie blog. Let me know if you would read it. There would be rattie tips and tricks. And all sorts of fun things and resources to help you rat parents.

Top 10 DIY Pet Projects

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Fancy rats can will eat just about anything you can. You should monitor what foods you feed your pet rat(s), as some are better than others.

freeking adorable...love his kinky whiskers....baby from Topi Rats

I Rex rats, their whiskers are soooo cute baby from Topi Rats