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The White Stork is an unofficial symbol of Poland. After having spent the winter in North Africa, 25% of the world's White Storks migrate to Poland. Since, in Polish folklore, the stork brings prosperity to the house on which it nests, Poles encourage the birds' nesting

White storks on the rooftop, Poland. The white stork is an unofficial symbol of Poland.

The Białowieża Forest (Puszcza Białowieska) is thought to be the last remaining intact primeval forest in Europe. The forest is home to around 800 wisent (żubr in Polish), which is a protected species of European bison. You can watch them in their natural environment.

Białowieża Forest (Poland) is the largest remaining part of a vast primeval forest, that reminds us of what Europe used to look like before the arrival of man. A UNESCO World Heritage Area.

Wrota Podlasia - Podlaskie Ziołami Pachnące

Wrota Podlasia - Podlaskie Ziołami Pachnące

Polish Pony, Roztocze National Park, Poland, via Flickr.

Roztocze National Park The Polish Pony - breed of primitive horse in Poland. It is a descendant of the tarpan, which used to inhabit the primeval forests of Poland, Lithuania and Prussia.

Almost Winter - Gorgeous photo by Janusz Wanczyk of Beskid Sądecki mountains in Poland. http://janusz-wanczyk.pl/moje-perelki-fotograficzne-prawie-zima/#more-446 , https://1x.com/photo/47592/category/landscape/latest-additions/almost-winter

on the threshold of winter Photo & image by Janusz Wanczyk ᐅ View and rate this photo free at fotocommunity. Discover more images here.