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WHAT IFS "what if mari learns kendo, adrien likes her but mari doesn’t know. adrien flirts with her like chat noir but mari rejects like ladybug. then people challenge mari to see who’s stronger and adrien doesn’t like to see her over exert herself"

"He mine if you cant see" is ehat l think she would say

The only thing You did We'll "Volpina", now make me one fake Adrien for me too

Artist Twitter: @Samiel_fuckboy

Artist Twitter: @Samiel_fuckboy

LA SHANKLA VOLADORA! CUIDADO Xdd pero nunca l aria eso a chat noir prefiero k cante toda la noche xDD

Imagine it with the Tom & Jerry ep where Tom as Chat Noir was serenading to a Cat Lady except Mari is not the Cat Lady, she is Jerry who's trying to make Chat to stfu.

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Alya and Nino - comic (Aaaaaaand that's exactly.. how it happened. Sorry for the language)

(Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir) Adrien, Nino/Alya and Marinette DJWIFI

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i aspire to be as petty as anish kapoor and stuart semple when I grow up