Hyung and maknaes

When the oldest member is shorter then the youngest members

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EXO reactions: ot12.♡

9 Reasons we love EXO's maknae Sehun. He is just plain adorable. Look at him!


Lolol Sehunnie chanyeol is staring at me from the background

exo chanyeol sehun

China Big Love Concert 130927 : Sehun and Chanyeol

[2016, Monster / Lucky One era; Suho's solo V App broadcast] I WANNA SQUISH HIS FACE

that ship has sailed, dear one. (The song, "Jerk It" just popped into my head.

EXO lol sehun seems so proud of himself

I'm pretty sure Kris just gave up and went with it. And why does Sehun seem so proud of himself 😂

The power of Yehet<<<< The first one on the second row is the Nathaniel filter I just realized that lol


Lol the last picture look at Sehuns face on Chanyeols body 👌👌