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Uniquely Beautiful. Be kind to yourself, and if you need support with body image concerns reach out and ask for help www.thebutterflyfoundation.org.au

Every girl is different. There is no one type of cookie cutter perfect girl. Every girl is beautiful. And unique is beautiful:) . There are no right and wrong answers.

You are loved

you are so loved. it's so easy to meet you and fall in love too. she said you are warm. i never thought about that.but yes, you are warm. and i love you for that.

Beautiful quote from the Help.   An amazing affrimation to teach a child.  An amazing one to teach an adult for that matter!

"You is Kind. You is Smart." -Aibileen, from The Help and I hope my kids know that, too.

Pooh, sometimes the smallest things, take up the most room in your heart.

Wise old winnie the pooh ;) the smallest things quotes girly cute quote disney happy love quotes winnie the pooh love quote piglet heart love

all the time keep in mind that. Your greater than that. your superb, lovely and also you. Love.... >>> Take a look at more at the image

if you had to be perfect to be beautiful . no one would be beautiful. but its not the just the looks that makes you beautiful its the heart that makes your beauty shine.

"You is kind, you is smart, you is important" The Help, AMAZING BOOK!!

The Help Quote Art Print - the help sign - you is kind you is smart you is important - printable art

26 Appreciation Quotes

26 Appreciation Quotes

Courage John Wayne quote

This quote screams you! You always saddle up. You have even given me the courage to saddle up too. I will never forget that or be able to tell you how much I honestly appreciate that!