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What nightmare makes me scream, as I call to Gaia, who cannot hear my screams, beyond her own dream.

Horror Photography. I think I look like this when I just finish cleaning the kitchen, and a family member comes in, looking to make something to eat!

The genre of this novel is horror. Horror is seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on primal fears.

La no creencia es también una creencia .

Unholy Trinity by Chad Michael Ward (original in colour). One of my all time favorites


One of the themes in the book is "scary." from the setting to the situations to the outcomes most of them have a scary vibe to them.

King of Thorns Drawing Illustration by Jason Chan

Stunning Fantasy Illustrations by Jason Chan This looks like the cover for the Prince of Thorns

Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para http://www.ratamatata.com/wp-content/gallery/10anton/thumbs/thumbs_anton_semenov-0002.jpg

Russian artist Anton Semenov's digital artworks are dark and creepy but also really creative and awesome. Created predominantly in photoshop, Anton’s imagination appears to have no limits…

Ok... I'll be honest, I think this is kind of weird, BUT it's just so amazing!! It's so cool! :D

This Is Good Art

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