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Awwwww.... the guinea pig so cute.. very love them.

100+ Popular Items for Guinea Pig Clothes

Guniea pigs do not seem like the kind of pet you would put a clothing on. Make sure your guinea pig is the best dressed in town!

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Danish stand-up comedian Nikolaj Wulff ( shared this photo of his pet guinea pig getting REALLY excited about finding a piece of carrot. I have the same expression when I run across a slice of cake. Carrot cake, of course. Via I Can Has Cheezburger?

Guinea pig in wagon :3

Guinea pig "They see me rollin', They hatin." Quote from song -Ridin (Dirty) by Chamillionaire.

guinea pig knit hat

Do Guinea Pigs Bite: Top Reasons - Guinea Pig Care Blog

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Homemade Toys for a Guinea Pig

Whether you've adopted one or several guinea pigs, they'll all enjoy playtime. Fill your guinea pigs' toy box with a combination of store-bought toys and ones you've made at home.

A ninja outfit for the ninja guinea pig you know.

Latest Trends In The World Of Guinea Pig Fashion

A ninja outfit for the ninja guinea pig you know. They are all ninjas!