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Pettersen Hein concrete chair

From Patrick Parrish Gallery, Pettersen & Hein, Sense of Matter Pigment died concrete, polished stainless steel, 28 × 22 × 18 in

James gallery's heavy-hitting Geneva debut | Wallpaper* Magazine | Wallpaper* Magazine

Heavy hitter: Paris design gallery James makes solid Art Gèneve debut

HEAVY is the newest exhibition at Art Genève in Switzerland that features not overweight, but awesomely massive, solid pieces of art by various artists.

Gaetano Pesce  "Wan-Chai (Omaggio a Hong Kong)" Chair  Small-scale run  1986-87

Gaetano Pesce "Wan-Chai (Omaggio a Hong Kong)" Chair Small-scale run

jennilee:  Haze Series by Wonmin Park Studio

Haze series South Korean designer Wonmin Park constructed these chairs and tables from slabs of coloured resin (+ slideshow).

Kapital Collection—by Italian design studio Oeuffice

Layered Marble Furnishings Oeuffice's Kapital Table Series is Inspired by Modernist Architecture

Couleurs libres - Making Guns Series - James Shaw

Couleurs libres

ok, not CNC but I like the idea of a spray gun. Papier Mache Gun Sprays Furniture Into The Air [Pics]


Set of fun cork containers handmade in Spain by acclaimed Carlos Ortega Design. The boxes are painted with a water-based finish in calming, subtle colors that f


By Pettersen & Hein

Studio Fludd / Metamorfica - new collection

Creative collective Studio Fludd (based in Venice). They "mainly manipulate matter, materials and ideas".

Max Lamb | Flat Iron Chair, 2008 |   Laser cut steel, zinc plating, trivalent passivate | Edition of 36 plus 4 AP | Flat Iron Chair is a celebration of construction and augmentation. Taking his inspiration from the i-beam (steel girders traditionally used in the construction industry), Lamb worked through a series of models, material trials and computer visualisations until his original i-beam literally grew into this highly sculptural chair.

MAX LAMB Flat Iron Chair, 2008 Laser cut steel, zinc plating, trivalent passivate Edition of 36 plus 4 AP

What is it with designers named Jonathan? Our preoccupation with the Perth, Australia–born, Los Angeles–based Jonathan Zawada in some ways reminds us of the way we feel about Jonathan Muecke — they don't release new work all that often, but when they do, we seem to want every single piece of it. In Zawada's case, that spartan output may be a professional necessity — Zawada spends much of his time creating digital art, album covers, and advertisements in his more commercial practice. B...

Your Search for the Perfect Coffee Table Ends Here - Sight Unseen

"Urban Philosophy" est une chaise en polycarbonate transparent dont certaines de ses tranches sont recouvertes d'une fine ligne noire en métal brouillant le regard. ...

Nissa Kinzhalina : Urban Philosophy

Nissa Kinzhalina : Urban Philosophy - ArchiDesignClub by MUUUZ - Architecture & Design

Nissa Kinzhalina | Urban Philosophy Chair

“Urban philosophy Chair” - Designer Nissa Kinzhalina‘s Urban Philosophy is a chair made of transparent acrylic with a thin, black, contiguous line running along an outer edge.

KAGADATO selection. The best in the world. Industrial design. ************************************** Esther Ruiz

Check out these cement sculptures by Esther Ruiz. I am attracted to the combination of materials colours that she has chosen to construct each individual piece. Concrete, Neon, Plexiglas, Marble even Agate stone!

The Five Most Beautiful Things in the World (this week)--a weekly feature at Beekman1802.com to inspire you

5 Beautiful Things

Form: the shape of this furniture is more different the "traditional" boxy , plush furniture.

POP-Up- Stores-15 Animal-Shaped Furniture Designs #homedecor trendhunter.com

15 Animal-Shaped Furniture Designs

Cow-Shaped Shelves - You don't have to ask "Where's the beef?" with this cow-shaped design called 'Estante Vaco' by Estúdio A.