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TOP 10 Kpop ABS I love how all the others can't seem to keep a shirt on but the one that can is number 1

TOP 10 Kpop ABS TOP is the only one that can make a list like that fully clothed and still have us swooning lol!

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Mmmm Kpop abs.... I have to admit, I've seen some mind blowing abs thanks to Kpop XD

When I see my favourite idols: this song describes my feelings so well...

I have to admit, I've seen some mind blowing abs thanks to Kpop XD

Big 3 Dating Scandals... | allkpop Meme Center

Lol xD The difference is that JYP and YG will never break up like all these SM couples did

Zico's pics are a real life representation of how I feel about life in general most of the time. Exasperated, a little weirded out, and this causes other people's amusement.

The lovely leaders (◕‿◕✿)

Our leaders, forever upholding the true character of kpop bands

Meme Center | allkpop ~ lol that's a way to traumatise people enough that they don't want to see more... sadly ... poor them, never see the kpop world!!!

welcome to kpop where oppa is prettier than you XD // honestly tho, I wouldn't mind going lesbo (I'm aro-ace btw) just for Kyuhyun if ge were a girl cuz damn.he's gorgeous af 😍

They don't look like women, but damn, they make pretty girls...

Lol anyone can look like a girl, it's just that some of these guys do better than actual girls.

My thighs touch because they love each other <3

Zico likes thighs that fill up empty space. i love you zico ^__^!