Here are some deer resistant plants that you can plant in your garden and the deer should not eat.

Here are some suggestions for Deer Resistant Plants. If you have a deer problem in your area, this list will help you choose plants the deer will not eat.

Lists of Deer Resistant Plants For A Deer Proof Landscape

Deer resistant plant charts catagorized by deer preference, plant type, Latin and common names. and by individual state information.

DesignDreams by Anne: 16 Positively Deer Proof Plants

I know, it's a pipe dream. I live in a community where herds of deer walk the streets, sleep in my front yard and graze everything.

Another deer resistant flower garden idea

How to Create a Deer Resistant Garden

Country Living - Deer Resistant Garden Plan - lots of color for season long enjoyment. a bit bigger garden, but I love adding a bird bath. I might mix plants from this plan and the BHG plan.

Periwinkle- deer resistant flower

Periwinkle- deer resistant flower - I have always had this at my cottage as it is one of the few plants the deer leave alone