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Unique Boutique Interior Design Ideas by Sameep Padora

Boutique, NYC

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Here's What Happens When Karim Rashid Designs a Food Court

Karim Rashid has designed a food court named Amoje Food Capital for the Lotte Department Store in Seoul, South Korea.

clear "wall windows" are a good way to add architectural structure and curve to an otherwise flat space

In hanrahan Meyers architects (hMa) collaborated with the Museum of Arts and Desgin (formerly the American Craft Museum) in the design of their exhibition 'Changing Hands : Art Without Reservation'. 'Changing Hands' was the first in a series of.

Designed by Adrian Nancekivell Design with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Trelise Cooper's store for Kids was awarded the supreme award in New Zealand's Retail Interior Design Awards in 2007.  "For young and old alike the store is a delightful wonderland of unique ideas. Creativity and imagination has triumphed to provide a lasting impression, memorable and outstanding in terms of its retail experience" said judge David Muir

The Architecture of Early Childhood: A pretty, dreamy and charming wonderland is Trelise Cooper's Kid's store

Holiday Cafe, Paris.

10 of the Most Cute Cafes in the World

If you happen to be in Paris, the newly opened Holiday Café is the perfect stop for anything from a salade délicieuse to an apéritif. Not to mention the inspiring, timeless design.

Entrance, clothing store, Bucharest, Romania designed by Square One

SquareONE projected the interior for a shop in Bucharest named ENTRANCE. Black electrical wires as forest / ceiling decoration.

Louis Vuitton store | Source, Courtesy

Gwenaël Nicolas: ‘Interior Design Is a Choreography’

The Louis Vuitton Townhouse at Selfridges has an incredible glass elevator with a double-helix spiral structure that spins slowly between the floors to display ‘floating’ hand bags

The flagship store of the Sanitec- KOLO group by A+D by A+D Retail Store Design, via Behance

In June flagship showroom for Kolo Sanitec Group by our design has been opened. Our customers wanted to develop an area which in addition to a sales function would also be the place of professional training and meetings with designers and architects&