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leo and i'm torn between caring about my grades(wich are very good) and not giving a fuck and not doing my homework

What the Zodiac Signs Worry About the Most. Cancer Zodiac Sign♋~ the future

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I'm actually all of them at once I have to many souls I guess

eyes filled with tears. i'm fine screaming internally. i'm fine twitching uncontrollably. i'm fine forcing a smile. i'm fine

I'm a Virgo and I go well with Scorpio lol

Ahhh not so true(cancer) I'm more likely to not really listen depending on the class and draw on anything<<< I'm Aquarius but I relate more to Virgo when it comes to school

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I'm a cusp technically so the Virgo "bleach" applies more than Libra "glitter" and mozzarella sticks mos def for my daughter!

I can see the other 2 water signs as a potential, being with another Scorpio has it moments, tho i can be very good friends, i cant see having a relationship!!!

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