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Professional Fangirl v2 by Fawkes. I can proudly say that I love all if these!

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I JUST CRIED, LITERALLY CRIED TEARS OVER THE HILARITY OF THIS ONE POST.   Seriously had to manually add it to pinterest because it might be the funniest thing I've ever read.

Protect the daughter!

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious for all Thor/Chris Hemsworth fans can understand . :D If he be worthy, he shall possess the blessing of Thor. hahahaha I really hope this happens. This would be the greatest thing ever.not for his daughter.

The cutest thing ever.

The cutest thing ever.<<< bonus: imagine Groot with a tiny little helium voice

David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be - Fandoms<this is the best thing ever!!

David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be - Fandoms Doctor Who Hilarious

All the fandoms!!!

The fact that I'm in so many fandoms is crazy. Hunger Games--Divergent--The Avengers--The Mortal Instruments--Doctor Who--Teen Wolf--Vampire Academy--Percy Jackson--Harry Potter-- Avatar the Last Airbender

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, ect. I've seen I lot of these things, but I'm only really into a few.

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, ect. *I'm probably going to get the Percy Jackson one on the small of my back where his Achilles Heel was*

Pin this to popular boards with popular fandoms!>>>MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS >;D<<<I'll go get all DA creepypastas!!

Pin this to popular boards with popular fandoms! <Creepypasta fandom will be on the front lines! >:] <SuperWhoLock and Percy Jackson will join you. Also, Sam and Dean are laughing in Hell at your attempts at grossing people out.

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Fandom cakes ❤️can I have them? The Tfios hp and hg ones were amazing especially how the hp one had hogwarts! // The SPN one is a total cop out.


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I wanna say this is perfect for all my wonderful ships, but the handprint demands me to put this on my Destiel board.<-- It demands me to put it on my SuperWhoLock page.


This is so awesome! especially because this is a Durarara kinda Crossover haha! Looovee that anime so much :D


Fandoms unite against a common enemy…"This is the post that will solve all the worlds problems"<<< As a Homestuck I fully support the SPN fandom and their war against the Beliebers

True!  No more apologizing!

John Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness everyone. Yes! never apologize for being a Nerd, and my case, no matter what your age ☺