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Pokémon gym badges display

Gym Badges - Gen VI

I'm a normal/fighting type... Why am I not surprised? That's what like a Meloetta? Yeahhh I'm Meloetta BITCHESSSSSS! Well in pirouette form but still

Birthday=your pokemon type, uh I'm fire/grass x) well good thing I wouldn't have to worry about water types!

So majestic. O.O Legendary Pokemon...

I am a Pokémon freak! Give me a Pokémon and I can tell you everything about that certain Pokémon. I have been watching and playing Pokémon ever since I was real little. I am a Pokémon master!

red...best color in the world as of this moment. I used to love the pokemon battles, but here is another reason; you grow up an realize that the guys of anime you love are amazing too.

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Gen 1 And 2 Are The Best!!!

The Wrath of the Water Legion, The Kingdom of Fire, and the Natural Power of Grass- I'm sure that they are all made of the final evolutions of starter Pokemon

I had no idea I wanted this until now.

Pokémon - Well, something needs to happen. We saw with Pokémon Origins that a better Pokémon anime is possible.

Shine upon them! The moonlight has arrived! by VulcanusKnight.deviantart.com on @deviantART (Umbreon)

[Day Favourite dark type - Umbreon Umbreon's my favourite eeveelution and favourite dark type because it comes from gen where happiness evolution and day and night features were introduced. As well as that, Umbreon just looks badass

The first question


Eevee evolution team GO! -The Random Eeveelution theme song I just made up on the spot.