Tony Thornburg

“Soooo I learned about model Tony Thornburg, today. ♪ Cuz he is Er-ros and he's Ah-pol-lo.

erkek saç modelleri

Modern Essentials for the spring/summer season. The Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign images were shot by film director Marc Forster.

VMan #20, Winter 2011 | Editorial: Tokyo Tribe | Models: Sen Mitsuji |  Stylist: Shun Watanabe | Makeup: Uda (S-14) | Hair: Asashi

Asian Models: Sen Mitsuji, Yuusuke Hirose, Riku Ootomo, Takeshi Uematsu and Kentaro Sawano in Editorial for VMan Winter 2011

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Pressed Bronzer

Derrick Connors He's 18. He is the only son of Armstrong. He can see people's auras.

Sage is a seventeen year old girl who has been sold into the vampire pet trade. She's pushed into a high end auction and is bought by a vampire who's known by.

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Runaway: Reno isn't necessarily like the others but, then again, neither is the new girl, Alice. Reno was in Rank 1, the rank just before The Army, and sometimes his years of training shows when he gets in fights with some of the other boys at Nasheforde - the boarding school he attends with the rest of Ed's "fosters".

"The stars will carry on shining without you and me" story inspiration, writing inspiration, character inspiration