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Footaction X ADIDAS "This was so long it couldn’t fit (oh my) so I split it in two parts. Commission I did for Adidas Originals. This is the bite sized version, the original was a huuuuge 17 x Thanks to AD Ricky Young!" By Sachin Teng



André Greppi, aka is a designer, illustrator, and graffiti artist who lives and works in Orlando, Florida. He currently works as an art direct.

Fique hipnotizado por esses incríveis GIFs de movimentos geométricos - TecMundo

Fique 'hipnotizado' por esses incríveis GIFs de movimentos geométricos

O ilustrador Alemão DXTR,figura conhecida no site de portfolios Behance, trabalhou recentemente em um projeto muito legal, uma coleção de ilustrações para

Coleção fantástica de ilustrações para K2 Snowboarding

Snowboard design and t-shirt illustrations for Snowboarding. Art direction by Cory Little and illustrations by Dennis Schuster/DXTR.

16 melhores Ilustrações de Jonatan Cantero | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

16 melhores Ilustrações de Jonatan Cantero

Great Illustrations by Jonatan Cantero Jonatan Cantero is an illustrator and digital artist from Spain. His artwork is mostly comical, some of which have t

Креативные иллюстрации Энкеля Дика

Time for a new artist in our illustration series. This time some of the great illustrations made by Enkel Dika, an illustrator from Struga, Macedonië. He knows how to combine two stories into one image…