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Les Affiches de Jazz de l'Atelier Martino & Jaña - popavenue - Happy French Pop Blog

Guimarães Jazz 2009 Atelier Martino&Jaña not a photo, it´s illustration.

Langston Hughes, a tremendous poet from Harlem's renaissance period.

CLIFF ROBERTS I just stumbled upon this charming book the other day entitled, The First Book of Jazz, by Langston Hughes. Written in the book has really beautiful illustrations by Cliff Roberts.

Branding Phobia about the culture of anti-branding to Barcelona

Branding Phobia about the culture of anti-branding to Barcelona

theatre series posters - Google Search

Check out the award winning poster designs created for the 2013 poster series for Western Australia's Black Swan State Theatre Company.

(Leslie Kee × ZUCCa photo exhibition "AIR of LOVE") This is a more decorative way of putting text over an image. It doesn't show well and therefore wouldn't be suitable for a poster, although I am interested into looking at white text over a dark image.

Visual identity and communication campain of Nuits Sonores festival’s 9th edition. Work from Superscript²

Film Festival Poster graphic design inspiration nuits sonores / fernando suarez {A great philosophy for web designers, graphic designers and.