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People of Walmart Part 87 – Pics 8

People Of Walmart - Funny Pictures of People Shopping at Walmart

Dump A Day WTFunny People Of Wal Mart - 30 Pics

Crap Dusting Don’t wear white after Labor Day….or on Taco Tuesdays. It was already hilarious, but this comment just put it over the top!

Oh no

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.i think the third one down is my favorite.  love that kid's face.

All these are so AWESOME and too funny! love the should I get you a bottle one, she was just changing my diaper.they're all hilarious :)

so wrong...and hey; how are those tires still holding any air? : /

I hate parents who don't care about their kids. You know that she don't know the condition of her kid and enjoying bike riding. Funny fail parenting of the day that will shock you.

Oh man! I've seen this picture a million times and only now just realized that her dress sleeve!!!ahhhhh!!!!

Took a while to figure this one out…