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Only at Walmart

Okay so some of these are WTF.but come on people the breastfeeding one? Get over it, seriously.

No I didn’t say Abe Lincoln, I said ‘Hey Blinkin’…hold the reigns man.

So evil

The evil genius, Jim Halpert, ladies and gentlemen. love the faces at the end lol

One of my favorite Andy moments from Parks and Rec April too. Oh my god you drove us here

Because beating the hell out of people is illegal!: You're Doing it Wrong 28 pictures. Part 1 (FACEPALM)

((I feel like this!)) What about that muffin top

I ALWAYS want to put a bandaid on my friends, family and me! ~ I NEED these bandaids! to see this bandaid box

Last chance to prove you're smart

Funny pictures about Last chance to prove you're smart. Oh, and cool pics about Last chance to prove you're smart. Also, Last chance to prove you're smart.

Funny WalMart pictures never seem to amaze us. If you’re ever looking for a laugh, go to Wal-Mart and check out the environment. Here’s a batch of funny Wal-Mart pics we gathered! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

I wonder what the texts from my mom would be like. Hilarious Mom Texts that show you why Moms are the best.The text about "Courtney" running the bunny over, that would be something my mom would do to me!


30 Cool and Awesome Old People - Collection of funny pictures of some of the most awesome old people you'll ever see. Funny and Crazy Pictures, funny videos, flash games

Here is awesome photo collection of funny people that grace us with their presence at Walmart. Don’t miss funny people of Walmart… lol .