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Orpheus - Gustave Moreau, 1865. FORCED PERSPECTIVE, creates space by overlap. CHROMA (colors fade), Visual Stops, BILATERAL SYMMETRY. end 19th cent womans sufferage Femme Fatale -esque.

Gustave Moreau Thracian Girl Carrying the Head of Orpheus on His Lyre, 1865 oil on canvas

Fuyuko Matsui (1974) is a female Japanese artist, specializing in Nihonga paintings with a 'grotesque' or supernatural element.

Fuyuko Matsui, Scattered Deformities in the End 2007 Hanging scroll, colored pigment on silk

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We ♥ Sheep!

Visual Art Several oil paintings on canvas from 2010 - 2012 by Scranton, Pennsylvania born artist Russ Noto. more on WE AND THE COLOR

Riña a garrotazos - 黒い絵 - Wikipedia

Black Paintings: Fight with Cudgels (Duelo a garrotazos/La riña) by Francisco Goya