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There is really something magical and mysterious about a loft bedroom. Disguised somewhere above the floor in the higher places, the loft bedroom definitel

Though it’s been several years, I’ve always really enjoyed a good camping trip. Sure, I’ve got an issue with bees, spiders, and *shivers* freaky centipedes, but, really, how many of us like those critters anyway? But camping can truly be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations you can take. Now that the trend [...]

10 Camping Hacks You Wish You’ve Always Known

Summer may be over but cosy nights light this don't have to be! Kit your garden out with some fairy lights, pillows, a place to rest your head and you're good to go!


Hôtel Monteverdi Tuscany à Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Sienne

Hôtel Monteverdi Tuscany à Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Sienne - Journal du…

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Music Room - Whether you play an instrument or really rather prefer to listen to the experts play theirs, a music room is a great inclusion to your home. It allows you to play/listen to music without disturbing too many other members of the household.

Kosi Bay

[Kosi Forest Lodge, Kosi Bay, South Africa] - a bedroom that appears when I visit that region of the world in my dimensional house.


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I found these pictures on a Japanese Photosharing site . All the pictures are of the same room and what I love about them.


Maker Spaces: 15 Incredible Studios, Shops, and Craft Rooms

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