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The one time where Daehyun wasn't the noisy one | B.A.P

There are just two options if we're to talk about the noisy ones in BAP, it could be Daehyun or Himchan, just choose XD

The fact that he believed the staff :")

Aww, Daehyun believed in them then got tricked~💜

BAP- Daehyun. LOL!!

And his mouth is full of food. What'd we expect?


B.A.P released a group teaser image for their mini album 'Rose'!If you have been keeping up with the teasers, you probably have noticed that B.A.P…

Protect this child omg. (Zelo youve literally just turned 19) smart watches - http://amzn.to/2ifqI9j

Zelo just standing and watching it is kinda funny😂. I mean not really funny when that happens in real tho!

Daehyun youngjae

I'll try that on my sisters and see what happens. they are probably going to laugh at me.

WHY DOESN'T PINTEREST SHOW THE REST GODS DAMMIT PEOPLE ARE THINKING I'M A DISGRACE TO ALL BABYZ-Oh shy kookie is so cute<-- idk how to break it to you kid, but that ain't kookie that's Dae-

Jung Daehyun 정댕현 Aw the fan made him blush and hide

Daehyun & Zelo repping the fandom | B.A.P

DaeLo repping babyz~ but I think Himchan is too YoungJae Daehyun Zelo B.A.

Omg!! Maknae did his best to draw youngjae

How cute is this 😭 Great job to the artist who recreated them!