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We always ask each other for advice when we could just use Google.

18 Things All Close Mothers And Daughters Secretly Do

If you offend my mum, I hate you.

I smile every time I see this.

jesus / krishna / dionysus / mithra / horus/ Christianity is not original / wannbe / fake

27 People Who Are Definitely Experts At Marriage

27 People Who Are Definitely Experts At Marriage

"My wife says I can join your gang but I have to be home by

When peacefully protesting racism is misconstrued as disrespecting the flag; because a piece of fabric is more important than corrupt, racist, cowardly cops shooting unarmed ppl of color

ugh yes every single time.  Me:*gets an award*  Family: Ah yes thank the God for blessing upon you such.

30 Things Restaurant Staff Wish Patrons Knew (Told In Memes)

Because we can see, hear and touch these people.  What is god?  Nothing but a dream someone needed to brew up to explain their deep fears of what happens after death.

working through Gods Angels In unity we thank God & through these workers both are thanked against all odds.