Silk ribbon embroidery, with beads.

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Such beautiful art!


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silk ribbon art - so pretty!

Silk flowers

Now this is exquisite handiwork.

silk ribbon embroidery

Red, white and blue silk ribbon arrangement

Quadro ricamato con nastro Rose 3 quadro ricamato

Quadro ricamato con nastro Rose 3 quadro ricamato / Фото #135 - Прекрасно! - Fyyfvbwrtdbx1957 / Фото #135 - Прекрасно! - Fyyfvbwrtdbx1957


Ribbon Art, Ribbon Flower, Ribbon Crafts, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Embroidery Stitches, Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial, Embroidery Designs, Lilacs, Passementerie / Фото #20 - 2017 - Delizia

Embroidered picture Wreath from Ukraine by SilkRibbonembroidery

More beautiful ribbon embroidery... - Inspirations Magazine | Facebook

This is a beautiful ribbon wreath.

(5) / Фото #9 - Вышивка 2015 - Tanais-

(5) / Фото #9 - Вышивка 2015 - Tanais-

Corazón con flores bordadas en liston

I ❤ ribbon embroidery . "Wreath with all my heart," (translated) Print on gabardine from N. Lobanov toning background watercolors, tape by "Majestic" (artificial silk). The size of the wreath at cm.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flower Brooch DIY Satin Ribbon Flower Brooch by diyforever

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