In this 1994 interview, Keith Richards discusses Willie Dixon, songwriting with Mick Jagger, band members past and present, and chasing down the Voodoo.

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The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil - 1968 Album = Beggars Banquet Song Lyrics. The first song I ever heard in my husbands car is Sympathy For The Devil.

Brian Jones Brian Jones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Go to the period Rolling Stones - In the spring of 1962, Jones invited Jagger ... The Rolling Stones, inspired by the passage of a song of ...

A Casual Brian Jones in RCA Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, March 1966 © Rook Raven and Bill Wyman Archive (Bill Wyman / Ripple Productions Ltd)

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voodoolounge: Keith Richards wearing an ‘Exile on Main St’ Shirt backstage during The Rolling Stones’ Stones Tour Party, Summer © Photo by Jim Marshall. “Everything they’d been brought up not to do, they could do at a rock-and-roll show.

Keith Richards rocking those sunglasses

Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones. always very stylish, just a tad flamboyant, as rock stars should be.