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Magnificent landscape photography by Elizabeth Gadd will be posted. Elizabeth is very young and talented photographer.

Revolving Roundabout

Firewatch - Mats Petersson Misty Forest The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography - organic adventure in the wild through a forest of evergreen trees in the fall autumn through fog like a hippie boho bohemian black and white silhouette photo through fog

Tricksters make this world

We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. I am the oppressor of the person I condemn, not his friend and fellow-sufferer. ~Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Pages

the meadow

In "A Year and A Day" by Stephanie Snow, the forest seems to speak and Helen must listen. Flashpoint, from Third Person Press, Dec 2014

Where the fairies live

Where the fairies live "Hohler Fels" (hollow rock) near Happburg, Germany. A very mystic place, you can easily picture fairies and by elvia


Dark Hedges in Ireland. This place looks so other worldly that it was actually a filming location for Game of Thrones.

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A man standing in a foggy place. It is a good set for a dystopian film, as the fog creates a sense of mystery about what's behind the corner


a good thing to clear your mind and feel at peace is to walk within the trees that have been there long before our time.